Thursday, 30 March 2023

SUPERLOOP - Proposals for a Network of Limited-Stop Express Buses Connecting Outer London

Following the Mayor of London’s announcement about changes to London's bus network,TfL are now developing proposals for a further expansion of routes in the outer London areas, which if approved, will be called Superloop.

It is proposed to introduce the Superloop, which would be made up of express limited-stop bus routes, that circle the entire capital, connecting key outer London town centres, stations and transport hubs.

The Superloop would be designed to provide quicker journey times with routes stopping less frequently, while serving key places such as town centres, hospitals, schools and transport interchanges.

The proposed new routes could add over 4 million kilometres on to London’s bus network. These proposals would be enabled by the extra £6m the Mayor has provided for improvements to outer London bus services.

How it could work

The Superloop is proposed to be introduced in stages. It would consist of a network of express limited-stop routes, including brand new and existing bus routes.

A new limited stop route is proposed to run between North Finchley and Harrow, with further routes to be developed between Walthamstow and North Finchley and between Royal Docks and Walthamstow. 
There could also be links between Bromley and Bexleyheath and Croydon and Bromley. All routes are subject to further development and consultation.

These new routes would link with existing limited stop routes that already connect key interchanges in outer London. These existing routes include:route X26 - West Croydon to Heathrow Airport
route X140 - Heathrow Airport to Harrow
route 607 - Uxbridge to White City
route X68 - Russell Square to West Croydon

The first new limited stop route between Harrow and North Finchley will be subject to consultation in the coming months.

You can view a map of what the proposal could look like. You can also watch a video animation(External link) about the proposal.

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More about the proposals

The Superloop brand would be designed to work with the iconic London Buses brand by using a new Roundel and bus livery to ensure clear identification of the new service, but still recognisable as part of the London Buses network. The new branding would also feature on maps, timetables and other pieces of customer information.

Next steps for the proposed Superloop

The first new part of the proposed Superloop would be a new route which would link Harrow with North Finchley. The relevant boroughs will be involved on this initial proposal and will carry out a public consultation to understand customer and stakeholder feedback on the proposed route. This feedback will then be used to help shape decision making on how a new route could be introduced.

Then, consultations on future sections of the orbital bus network will take place. Potential future sections would, subject to consultation, provide limited stop links between:North Finchley and Walthamstow
Walthamstow and the Royal Docks
route X239 connecting Canary Wharf and Grove Park, (which was consulted on as part of the Silvertown Tunnel bus network)
Bromley and Bexleyheath
Croydon and Bromley

Transport professional Roger French has examined these proposals and has published his comments on his Bus and Train User website here