Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Dews Coaches and Stagecoach East Work in Partnership to Save Huntingdon Service

Dews Drivers are driving Stagecoach East vehicles in a partnership that has saved the service 904 between Huntingdon and Peterborough.

Dews operates the route on Stagecoach’s behalf, with Stagecoach buses being driven by Dews’ staff. Stagecoach says that the partnership will allow the 904 to continue to operate.

The route and timetable are unaltered, although some change has been made to the range of tickets sold. 

Dews drivers can sell standard Stagecoach single and Dayrider products but those for longer term duration, such as Megarider, now need to be bought online or via Stagecoach’s app.

Dews Coaches Managing Director Simon Dew says that the family-owned Somersham business – which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2023 – is “passionate about keeping bus routes running within our community.”

Mr Dew adds: “When the opportunity arose to partner with Stagecoach East to keep the 904 running, we recognised that a new way would benefit all. We are confident that this relationship will be a model for future solutions throughout the region.”

Stagecoach east route Stagecoach East Business Development Director David Boden says that the operator is “proud to work in partnership with Dews Coaches,” noting the SME business’s history and commitment to innovation and customer service.

“The partnership will help to sustain the service in the long term, which remains one of Stagecoach East’s biggest priorities.

“At Stagecoach, we are constantly seeking new ways to keep passengers connected to the people and places that matter the most. Sourcing a solution to keep the 904 running is a part of our commitment to the communities that we serve; by working alongside Dews Coaches, we can continue to offer regular bus travel to more customers in rural areas.

“This partnership marks a key step forward from the Cambridgeshire Rural Bus Summit and it demonstrates an innovative way for bus operators to utilise transport resource within the region.”