Thursday, 15 June 2023

Sneak Preview of The New Yutong U11DD

Pelican UK have announced the name and and shown a sneak preview of the new zero-emission double decker - the U11DD.

Yutong produced the first zero emission vehicle in 1999, so the vehicle has a rich heritage, with over 138,000 Yutong zero-emission buses completing 36.3 billion kms. The U11DD is a fully integral vehicle, and optimised for low total cost of ownership. The RHD version builds on years of experience of double-decks in China and other countries.

They say "As an integral vehicle, there is no compromise in access of components, therefore ensuring efficient servicing and maintenance. The customer experience is optimised, and in common with the single-deck Yutong, the double-decker has full air conditioning as standard.

The vehicles have either 385 or 422kWh batteries fitted, and as standard, the Yutong Electric Safety System. The battery chemistry is the safest on the market - Lithium Iron Phosphate with no cobalt. They are produced by the world’s largest battery manufacturer, Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL).

We can confirm that due to customer interest, we will have 2 demonstrators in the UK available from September and November."

Ian Downie, Head of Yutong UK at Pelican said "Since I joined Pelican, we have been working on the development of this exciting product. The brief was to develop not only a zero-emission electric double-deck, but also a vehicle that would be attractive to operators, passengers and drivers.

It is a very proud moment to see the results, with an interior that welcomes passengers into bright, airy, air-conditioned comfort, with a superb structure without noise and rattles, a wide roomy drivers cab with ergonomically designed controls, smooth driving characteristics, and excellent access to all components.

We are delighted to be able demonstrate this provincial vehicle to our operators, and look forward to their feedback.