Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Abellio’s 111th Electric Bus Has Gone Into Operation on Route 111 In West London.

 Abellio is celebrating the launch of its full electric fleet on Route 111 in West London. This growth in EV vehicles sees the company’s 111th electric  Wrightbus Electroliner bus going into operation, on route 111.

The new fleet of electric buses operating on route 111, consisting of Wrightbus Electroliner vehicles, will be based at Abellio’s Twickenham depot, that has been completed sensitively. The building is itself is a piece of London’s transport history, having opened in 1902, originally housing trams and trolleybuses. 
UK Power Networks fast-tracked the delivery of 3.8 megawatts of electricity capacity to the depot through its Green Recovery scheme, working with Abellio Bus London and TfL.
The Wrightbus Electroliners are designed with customer comfort in mind and offer a high-spec interior full of innovative features, similar to Abellio’s Route 63. The buses have high back seats throughout. USB chargers and mobile phone holders are featured in the seats allowing customers to stay connected whilst traveling.

“Seating has been carefully designed to be comfortable and accessible with priority seats highlighted and a larger wheelchair and buggy area. Digital signage on board the buses shares a range of real-time information, including the time to the next stop, disruptions, space on the next bus, and service updates for Tube, Overground, and DLR services. 
There is dedicated signage for the wheelchair area, making it easier for customers in this space to access the information they need”, Abellio says.

A Wrightbus Electroliner on display at one of London Transport Museum’s Depot Open Days in Acton

Jon Eardley, Managing Director of Abellio London said: “We are delighted that our 111th EV bus has started service in London on route 111. Abellio is leading the way in providing cleaner and more comfortable electric transport for our customers. We are incredibly proud of this milestone moment for our business”.

The initial vehicles based at Twickenham depot have been financed through the first non-recourse financing of zero-emission buses in the UK in a consortium led by Rock Road Holdings Ltd and the Mayoral Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF). See here