Friday, 21 July 2023

Four New Plaxton Leopard coaches Join Park’s of Hamilton

Alexander Dennis  announced that it has supplied four new Plaxton Leopard coaches to Scottish operator Park’s of Hamilton.

Two of the new 12.8m Plaxton Leopard coaches have 59 seats in a conventional 2+2 arrangement, while the other pair offers even higher capacity at the same vehicle length with a 3+2 layout for 72 seats. All are fully compliant with PSV Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) and provide wheelchair access via a side-mounted lift.

They are built on the reliable and economical Volvo B8R chassis. Engine power is transmitted through fully automatic ZF EcoLife gearboxes.

They join Scotland’s largest coach operator and are primarily used on private and school hires. Park’s of Hamilton operates a fleet of more than 100 coaches in a variety of specifications meeting the requirements of the wide range of work undertaken. The fleet includes Plaxton Panorama, Elite, Panther and Cheetah XL coaches as well as further examples of the Plaxton Leopard.

Michael Andrews, Director at Park’s of Hamilton, said: “There is no coach like the Plaxton Leopard when it comes to combining seating capacity with great resale values. Built on robust Volvo chassis which underpin most of our fleet, these new coaches will quickly settle into our operations to deliver value for us.”

Simon Wood, Sales Manager New & Used Coach Sales at Alexander Dennis, said: “Thanks to Michael and the team at Park’s for this repeat order for our versatile Leopard. It is good to see the Plaxton brand continue to play an important role in this immaculate fleet and we look forward to supporting these coaches through time at Park’s.”