Wednesday, 26 July 2023

Morebus Tests the Volvo BZL in Bournemouth and Poole

Go Ahead owned Morebus has been testing an electric Volvo BZL bus on one of its busiest routes.

The bus operator has been test driving the bus on the M1 and M2 route through Bournemouth and Poole.

Richard Wade, general manager at Morebus, said: "We were given the opportunity to test the bus, and we decided to put it through its paces on our busiest routes, the M1 and M2. We’re taking the opportunity to gain some operating experience, including feedback from drivers and passengers, so we can weigh up all options for the future."

The company said some hurdles have arisen; electric buses struggle to meet a high mile range between charges for longer routes.

Electric buses would also mean there would be a change in infrastructure, parking spaces for electric buses would need to be adapted as the chargers take up more space.

However, Morebus said it is “most certainly aiming towards a future electric/hydrogen bus fleet”.

Andrew Wickham, managing director at Morebus, said: “We are looking at new ways to help lower emissions across the region. Buses, especially electric buses, are the perfect solution for this, and they have the potential to significantly improve air quality in our towns.”

He added: “In view of this, we are pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate this Volvo electric bus and are excited by the potential it offers us.”

The Volvo BZL is available in Double and single deck options

Mr Wickham said there are changes we can all make that could have a positive impact on our environment.

He said: “Buses make up a very small proportion of vehicles on the roads, a fully loaded double decker has the potential to replace up to 75 cars. If more people opted to leave their cars at home, even for just some of the time, and travelled by bus instead, this would have a significant effect on climate change.”

With the bus fare cap extended to end of October, it can still be a cheaper alternative to taking your car.