Monday, 28 August 2023

1938 Tube Stock Running Excursions Between Amersham & Watford in September

During September, London Transport Museum are running another series of trips on their 1938 Metro-Cammell preserved Tube Train.

Passengers will be transported to a bygone era on a beautifully restored 1938 Art Deco-style vintage train.

The train is made up of four cars complete with green and red moquette seating, grab handles and distinctive Art Deco light fittings.

The 1938 Stock was the first kind of Tube train to have all of the electrical equipment underneath the floor, combining the latest technology of the era with quintessential late 1930s style. These trains served London, on several deep-level Tube lines, for half a century.

Having the electrical equipment underneath the floor allowed greater numbers of passengers to be carried in each car. The last 38-stock retired from service in 1988, six weeks short of 50 years service.

This is one of four cars that form a fully operational 1938-Tube stock unit, which occasionally runs on heritage outings.