Thursday 26 October 2023

Battery Powered 08 Shunter Launched at Barrow Hill

The UK’s first re-engineered battery powered shunting locomotive – the 08e has been launched by Derbyshire based Positive Traction.

Free from carbon, NOx and particulate emissions the 08e can fulfil day-to-day operating needs as well as meet the demanding ESG requirement of shareholders, customers, employees and neighbouring communities.

Invited guests from the Railfreight sector & facility operators, UK government & local authorities as well as rolling stock owners, joined Positive Traction for the launch at the world famous Barrow Hill Roundhouse in Derbyshire.

Alistair Gregory, Director of Positive Traction said: “Class 08 shunting locomotives have been the workhorses of ports, distribution centres and depots across Britain’s railway for over 60 years. 
As the UK moves towards Net Zero, diesel engines are increasingly unacceptable. To address this challenge, Positive Traction has developed the 08e, a cost-effective battery powered alternative for environmentally friendly facility operations.

“I’d like to thank all our partners for supporting our cleaner, greener UK transport vision, including Lithion Battery Inc; Barrow Hill Limited; Stagecoach Yorkshire and their own partners Volvo, who kindly supplied the very latest electric Volvo BXL bus to bring our guests from Chesterfield station to Barrow Hill in a sustainable way.”

After the launch the 08e will remain on test at Barrow Hill before moving to a customer site for operational evaluation.

Image credit: Positive Traction