Thursday 5 October 2023

Equipmake to Electrically Re-power Ten Big Bus Tours Vehicles

Equipmake has partnered with the World’s largest sightseeing company, Big Bus Tours, in a fleet deal that will see 10 Ankai double-deck, open-top buses repowered from diesel to Equipmake’s cutting edge electric zero emission electric drivetrain technology.

As millions of tourists arrive into the UK capital every week, many Hop on an iconic open-top tour bus to see the city’s famous and historic sites. 
Supporting Big Bus Tours’ commitment to sustainability, Equipmake is working with the operator to convert a significant proportion of its existing fleet from diesel to fully electric. 

The 10 vehicles scheduled for repowering are all Ankai double-deck sightseeing buses – and each will be converted to incorporate Equipmake’s cutting-edge Zero-Emission Drivetrain (ZED) technology, which in this specification features an 327 kWh capacity battery, providing in excess of 120 mile daily range. The first vehicle will enter service in Q1 2024.

Ian Foley, CEO, Equipmake, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Big Bus Tours as it continues to make its fleet more sustainable. It’s fantastic to work with companies that share a forward-thinking mindset and recognise the immense advantages of repowering. 

By choosing to repower, Big Bus Tours will not only benefit from an excellent opportunity to achieve net-zero targets and play a key role in improving local air quality, but also make significant operating cost savings over the purchase of a new electric bus.”

Gerry Price, Executive Vice President at Big Bus Tours, added:”Our partnership with Equipmake will significantly support us as we transition our fleet to zero emissions. The state-of-the-art technology it has developed and its shared commitment to sustainability makes this a hugely exciting opportunity for us. 

Through innovations like this, we will be playing our part in improving the capital’s air quality and giving the hundreds of thousands of tourists who use our sightseeing services every year an even more enjoyable experience.“

Chinese vehicle manufacturer Ankai supplied the vehicles - website here