Wednesday 18 October 2023

Van Hool Tzen4 Launched at Busworld Brussels

The Tzen4 bus was revealed at Busworld’s Van Hool stand
56 of these vehicles are on order for operation in Paris. Manufacturers Van Hool, Alstom and Kiepe Electric have worked together to develop a unique electric bus for Ile-De-France Mobilités.

The Tzen4 is a battery-operated, 24 meter long double articulated bus, able to carry approximately 140 passengers.

The vehicles will operate on the T Zen 4 and T Zen 5 high service bus lines (running on dedicated bus lanes) in the south of Paris, as well as a possibility of a third line They make use of 'very fast vehicle recharging' using Alstom’s conductive ground-based static charging system (SRS) interfaced with an on-board energy system from Kiepe Electric.

Alstom is providing the conductive ground-based static charging system (SRS) already in use on 15 kilometres of tramway tracks in Nice, where it allows automatic and fast in-station recharging.

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