Sunday 19 November 2023

£356 Million Being Spent on Central Line London Tube

Significant improvements to the Central line that will improve the quality and reliability of services are taking place.

TfL is investing £356 million as part of the Central Line Improvement Programme that includes the replacement of old traction motors on the fleet, to help reduce delays on the line, the trains being increasingly unreliable due to the deteriorating condition of the rolling stock.

All 85 trains on the line – the longest on the London Underground at 46 miles – will undergo a comprehensive 10-week makeover that will include the long-awaited introduction of CCTV cameras and new “moquette” seating.

The five identical trains that run on the Waterloo and City Line are also being refurbished.

The Central line trains first entered service in 1992. The upgrade will extend their lives by “15 to 20 years”, with the first refurbished train entering service by the end of November. .

The programme also includes accessibility enhancements for passengers, including more space for wheelchair users, audio and visual passenger information, and colour-contrasting features.

These improvements will be complete by 2024. In the longer term, TfL will replace the current 92' Stock train fleet with the next generation of trains as part of the Deep Tube Upgrade Programme.

TfL will of course continue to seek opportunities to maximise the frequency of services within the capability of the current fleet size.

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